Nice to meet you!

Wayne Hartford

With over 30 years experience in metal manufacturing, Wayne is the brains behind the business. He is an inventor at heart, whether it's making everyday items even better or coming up with solutions to problems we didn't know we had. Before retiring, Wayne worked as a project manager at Jet Propulsion Laboratory/NASA, working on such projects as the Mars Reconnaisance Orbiter and Diviner. In his spare time, Wayne enjoys spending time with his grandson and watching re-runs of Cheers and Frazier.

Krystal Hartford

Krystal provides relief from the mundane by doing all of the accounting for the business. She is our well-loved workhorse. Krystal also provides valuable input on product fulfillment, drawing on her experience in the Shipping Department at Jet Propulation Laboratory/NASA. When she is not working on her education, she is an avid reader. And we mean avid.

Goeffrey James

Geoffrey (not shown) has his B.Sc (Physics) and his Ph.D (Atomic Physics) from the University of Southhampton, UK. Prior to becoming an Assistant Manager of the Science Division at Jet Propulsion Laboratory, he was a Research Scientist. He has had 15 articles published in a variety of his (scientific) interests. Geoffrey is used as a sounding-board and provides a great deal of input on the general business activities. In his free time, Geoffrey listens to LP's and takes an interest in cars.

Wendy Hartford

Wendy has been recruited to help with the tech side of the business, as well as general operations. Balancing work and family requires the discipline she learned in the U.S. Marine Corps. When not working on projects for Milocon, she is a single mom, full-time college student, and video game designer. In her free time...wait, what?

Milo Hartford

Milo is our mascot (not to be confused with the dogs or chickens). He is a talented musician, playing the piano, violin, and harp. He also has started his own business - raising chickens and selling the eggs.